Bookable Spaces

Booking a space for a CSP activity? The Student Union has a range of spaces to available for use in both the Union Building and the College Spaces. Please find a comprehensive list of our bookable spaces, the times they are available for booking, thier room codes and their capacities below.

Bookable Spaces & Times Available

  • Union Building - Beit Quad
    • Spaces are bookable: 8:00- 22:30
    • Campus Map: Here
    Floor Room Capacity Notes Celcat Name
    Floor 1 Union Dining Hall 100  
     BEIT-01-N106 - Dining Hall
    Activity Space 1 50   BEIT-01-N104 - Activity Space 1
    Activity Space 2 50   BEIT-01-N105 - Activity Space 2
    Meeting Rooms 1 and 2 41   BEIT-01-N103B - Meeting Room 1
    Floor 2 Union Concert Hall 230 All booking requests subject to review by the Concert Hall User Group and its Chair. BEIT-02-N203 - Concert Hall
    Meeting Room 5 43   BEIT-01M-N1M06 - Meeting Room 5
    Floor 3 Meeting Room 3 44   BEIT-03-N302 - Meeting Room 3
    Meeting Room 4 42   BEIT-03-N304 - Meeting Room 4
    Gym 75   BEIT-03-N314 - Gym
  • South Kensington Campus
    • Spaces are bookable: 18:00- 22:30 on weekdays and 8:00- 23:00 on weekends
    • Campus Map: Here
    Building  Room  Capacity  Notes Celcat Name
    Blackett 539 40   BLKT 539
    630 40 NOT available until Spring 2023 BLKT 630
    741 40   BLKT 741
    1004 40   BLKT 1004
    Phys LT 1 246   BLKT 229 - Lecture Theatre 1
    Phys LT 2 120   BLKT 113 - Lecture Theatre 2
    Phys LT 3 120   BLKT 112 - Lecture Theatre 3
    City and Guilds  649 19   CAGB 649
    650 19   CAGB 650
    651 19   CAGB 651
    652 19   CAGB 652
    749 19   CAGB 749
    750 19   CAGB 750
    751 19   CAGB 751
    752 19   CAGB 752
    LT 200 350   CAGB 200
    LT 300 152   CAGB 300- Level 3
    LT 640 80   CAGB 640
    LT 664 164   CAGB 664
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering 508 48 Quiet activities only EENG 508
    509A 100 Quiet activities only EENG 509A
    Flowers Foyer (G.41) 100   FLOW G.41 - MDRB Foyer Social Area
    Huxley 341 44   HXLY 341
    711C 18   HXLY 711C
    Clore 270   HXLY 213 - Clore Lecture Theatre
    LT 130 83   HXLY 130
    LT 140 57   HXLY 140
    LT 144 101   HXLY 144
    LT 145 112   HXLY 145
    LT 308 194   HXLY 308
    LT 311 157   HXLY 311
    LT 340 153   HXLY 340
    Royal School of Mines G.01 100 Quiet activities only. RSM- G01
    G.41 90   RSM- G41 - Teaching Room
    301 D 40   RSM- 301D
    301 E 40   RSM 301 E
    LT 1.31 141   RSM- 131- Sutton Lecture Theatre
    LT1.47 108   RSM- 147
    LT2.28 102   RSM- 228 - Bagrit Lectire Theatre
    LT G.20 144   RSM G20
    Sir Alexander Fleming 119 40   SAFB 119 - Seminar Room
    120 50   SAFB 120 - Seminar Room
    121 40   SAFB 121 - Seminar Room
    122 70   SAFB 122 - Seminar Room
    G15 14   SAFB G15 - Seminar Room
    G60 15   SAFB G60 - Seminar Room
    G61 15   SAFB G61 - Seminar Room
    G62 15   SAFB G62 - Seminar Room
    G63 15   SAFB G63 - Seminar Room
    G64 15   SAFB G64 - Seminar Room
    G65 15   SAFB G65 - Seminar Room
    G67 6   SAFB G67 - Seminar Room
    G68 6   SAFB G68 - Seminar Room
    G69 6   SAFB G69 - Seminar Room
    LT G.16 320   SAFB G16 - Lecture Theatre - Level 1
    LT G34 176   SAFB G34 - Lecture Theatre - Level 1
    Sherfield Pippard 118   SHER 569 - Pippard Lecture Theatre
    Read 128   SHER 571 Read Lecture Theatre
    Skempton 301 92   SKEM 301
    307 77   SKEM 307
    060ABC 90 DO NOT touch wall dividers. Specialst training needed to avoid damage. SKEM 060A
    064AB 60 DO NOT touch wall dividers. Specialst training needed to avoid damage. SKEM 064A
    163 30   SKEM 163
    165 30   SKEM 165
    LT 164 160   SKEM 164
    LT 201 124   SKEM 201
    LT 207 49   SKEM 207
    SALC SALC 1 18 Available Fridays only. Quiet activities only. ICCL 5.01
    SALC 2 18 Available Fridays only. Quiet activities only. ICCL 5.02
    SALC 5 36 Available Fridays only. Quiet activities only. ICCL 5.05
    SALC 6 36 Available Fridays only. Quiet activities only. ICCL 5.06
    SALC 7 36 Available Fridays only. Quiet activities only. ICCL 5.07
    SALC 8 16 Available Fridays only. Quiet activities only. ICCL 5.08
    SALC 9 15 Available Fridays only. Quiet activities only. ICCL 5.09
    SALC 10 39 Available Fridays only. Quiet activities only. ICCL 5.10
  • Charing Cross Campus
    • Spaces are bookable: 18:00- 22:30 on weekdays and 8:00- 23:00 on weekends
    • Campus Map: Here
    Building Room  Capacity Celcat Name
    Reynolds Basement Rm 1 20 CXRB LG04 - Seminar Room B1 Reynolds Building
    Basement Rm 2 20 CXRB LG06 - Seminar Room B2 Reynolds Building
    Seminar Rm 1 35 CXRB 103 - Seminar Room R1 Reynolds Building
    Seminar Rm 2 20 CXRB 137 - Seminar Room R2 Reynolds Building
    Seminar Rm 3 20 CXRB 137A - Seminar Room R3 Reynolds Building
    Comms Skills Rm A 30 CXRB 107 - Communications Skills A (Seminar Room A)
    Comms Skills Rm B 30 CXRB 109 - Communications Skills B (Seminar Room B)
    Comms Skills Rm C 15 CXRB 111 - Communications Skills C (Seminar Room C)
    Music Studio (LG25) 100 CXRB LG25- Music Studio
    Brian Drewe LT 340 CXRB 102 - Brian Drewe Lecture Theatre
    8th Floor Teaching Room 66 CXLB 876 - 8th Floor Teaching Room
    10th Floor Lecture Theatre/ Lab Block 91 CXLB 1076 - 10th Floor Lecture Theatre/Lab Block
    Glenister Seminar Room G1 25 CXGH G.7 - Glenister Seminar Room G1
    Seminar Room G2 20 CXGH G.8 - Glenister Seminar Room G2
    Seminar Room G3 20 CXGH G.9 - Glenister Seminar Room G3
    Glenister Lecture Theatre 138 CXGH 1.14 - Glenister Lecture Theatre

Checking Space Availability

  • All bookable rooms can be checked via the CELCAT Live calendar link which accessible to all logged in students and staff using their email account.
  • Once logged in, in the box in the left hand corner, change the 'type' to 'rooms'. This will change the options along the page's top bar.
  • Using the room codes provided in the tables above, enter the room code into the 'Resource(s)' box at the top of the page to search for availability of that room. It will provide you with a calendar overview of the room/space. If a space is light grey, with no text, it means the space is available for bookings.
  • If available, you may submit an ad-hoc room booking request for that space. 


Information about the accessibility of our campuses is available online through the AccessAble accessibility guide.

How can I book a room?

For Booking Adhoc Bookings please see the process here

For Annual CSP Bookings please see the process here

Additional College spaces

The below spaces have different booking processes in comparison to the normal booking process. For more information on them, please click below.

  • The Great Hall, Senior Common Room and Queens Tower Room
    1. Check availability of these spaces with the Internal Events and Conferencing Team. You can contact them on or head to the Student Hub in Sherfield Building. They will also provide you a quote for the cost at the same time. (We advise to do this as early as you can as these spaces are in high demand and it takes a lot of coordination to host an event within these spaces.)

    1. Once you agree on a time and price, you can place a provisional booking with Internal events and Conferencing Team. As part of the provisional booking, you will be asked to fill out and keep hold of a booking form. It’s important you keep hold of this document as you will need it in the later steps. 

    1. Submit an Event and Activity Proposal form to the ICU Student Activities Team (Event Proposal Form) and attach a copy of your conference and events booking form from Step 2. 

    1. The Activities Team will review your event form, if approved, a coordinator will sign your booking form and return it back to you (including sending the signed copy over to the Internal Events and Conferences Team.) 

    (Please note, the Internal Events and Conferences Team will not accept a form that has not been signed and submitted to them by one of the Activities Team.)

  • Junior Common Room

    Process and Details Coming Soon

  • Sports Facilities

    Process and Details Coming Soon

    Bookable Spaces Include:
    Ethos: Badminton Court, Climbing Wall, Swimming Pool, Sports Hall, Squash Courts, Studio
    Harlington: Astroturf Pitch, Training Pitch, 3G Pitches

  • Princes Gardens, Dalby Court, Queen's Lawn & Dangoor Plaza

    These spaces are not available to CSP's to book for events. 

  • Union Venues - Metric, Union Bar, 568, h-bar & Reynolds Bar

    There are a number of different types of events that can be hosted in our range of Bar Venues.  

    For instance, a Bar Night is a closed event for specific attendees that utilise the bar for the sale of drinks and/or food. These events are usually held in The Union Bar, but in the case of 70+ people Metric or Reynolds Bar can be used.  

    An entertainment event utilises entertainment as its main selling point e.g. Club Night, Band Night, Talent Show, Comedy etc. 

    These events are a great way for members of a club, society or project to get to know each other.  

    How to book an event in one of our venues:

    1. Choose a venue, time and date for your bar night. 
    2. Check the availability of the space using CELCAT
    3. Submit an event form via the Student Activities team including a risk assessment for any risk assessable activity. 
    4. Receive an event sheet from the Events Operations Coordinator in Beit Bars - - *please contact this email at least 4 weeks before the proposed event
    5. Agree to booking and terms and conditions in writing.  
    6. If external guests are present, submit guest list 3 days prior to event date. 
    7. Host your event 

    Drinks Vouchers 

    Upon request, drinks vouchers can be issued to the club, society or project as part of their bar night booking. These can be used by attendees at the event in exchange for a drink. 

    The value of individual drinks vouchers can be chosen between £4.00 and £5.00. However, the Union recommends the standard value of £4 as this covers most drink prices except doubles, shots and cocktails. 

    The monetary value spent with the vouchers will be charged directly to the student groups’ account. 

    If drinks vouchers are requested these will be available for collection from a Duty Bar Manager at the beginning of the event. 

    Minimum Spends 

    Bar Nights do not incur a room hire fee nor are they subject to a minimum bar spend. 

    Terms & Conditions 

    For full terms and conditions about bar nights and drinks vouchers please visit Our Policies

    If you would like more information about running a bar night read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or get in touch with the Event Operations Coordinator. 

Contact us

If the room you are looking to book doesn't appears to be on any of the lists above, or if you believe any of the information is incorrect, please contact: