BME Network

Portrait of Nathalie, Black & Minority Ethnic Officer

Hey, I'm Comfort, a 2nd-year Medicine student at Imperial. Born in Nigeria and London-based since I was 8, my journey here as a BME student has been a mix of navigating new paths and embracing diverse experiences. My experience as a black person at imperial has been a mixed bag, at times extremely isolating but finding a community has helped with that. My overall drive is to help others find a community and build a supportive network.

In my role as the BME Officer, I'm all about forging connections. Imagine the Tuesday food market with an added touch of Afro-Caribbean flavours, creating a lively space that echoes the diversity we cherish.

Taking inspiration from all the unique journeys of people at Imperial, I'm hoping to create a BME Showcase and Networking Event – not just an event but a celebration of our narratives. I want Imperial to feel like home for every student, where our stories are not just heard but celebrated.

Whilst I know it’s not possible to achieve everything I want to, these are my goals and plans for the year:

  • Afro-Caribbean Market Stall: Transforming the Tuesday food market to include a vibrant Afro-Caribbean stall.
  • BME Showcase and Networking Event: Creating a platform for students to share stories and connect. Something like a spring formal but spruced up a bit.
  • Fostering Belonging:  Initiating measures to ensure every student feels a sense of belonging.
  • Mentorship Program: Establishing a mentorship initiative for BME students, connecting them with experienced peers.
  • Collaboration with Cultural Clubs: Strengthening ties with cultural clubs to enhance cultural exchange and understanding.
  • Workshops on Diversity and Inclusion: Hosting workshops to promote awareness and understanding of diverse backgrounds.
  • Inter-University Collaboration: Building connections with other universities to foster a broader community and share best practices.

Got thoughts or ideas? My inbox is always open at []. Let's shape an Imperial that values and celebrates every journey.