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    Student Reps are elected to ensure all of our interests are being served in various areas of College life. There are different kinds of reps - find yours here.

  • Join or start a campaign

    Do you care deeply about an issue? Use your voice and enable change - get started! 

  • Become a student rep

    Three elections are held each year to ensure all our student rep positions are filled and that every single Imperial student has a say. Stand for a position or vote!  

  • Our Governance

    Student government is multi-faceted. Understand how it works, read Union Council papers and decisions, and find our policies.

Upcoming Committees

Board of Trustees 14:00 26 February 2020
Services & Sustainability Committee 18:00 27 February 2020
Governance & Identity Committee 18:00 3 March 2020
Health & Safety Committee 14:00 11 March 2020
Governance Committee 14:00 13 March 2020
Union Council 18:30 17 March 2020
Finance and Risk Committee 14:00 18 March 2020
Communications Committee 12:00 28 April 2020