Your Union

Imperial College Union is a student-led, democratically-run charity, with our members - students of Imperial College London - able to lead, create and influence change in every one of our activities, campaigns and services.

If you have an opinion or idea on anything we do - activities, educational representation, equality campaigning, the products we sell in our shops and bars, and more - you are encouraged to speak up and be heard.

We are democratic

For over 100 years, we have been student-led. For several years, our annual Leadership Elections – when our members choose their President and Deputy Presidents - have had one of the highest turnout of any students’ union, making us one of the most democratic and engaged student bodies in the United Kingdom!

We are student-led

Every year, over 2,000 students are elected to volunteer roles – from Club, Society & Project Committee members, to Liberation and Campaign Officers, to Academic Representatives, Council Members and more. Union Council meets several times every term to debate matters and create campaigns on issues important to Imperial’s students, such as tuition fees, employability, mental health, housing and much more.

We are professional

Imperial College Union also operates to the highest standards of charity governance, professional management and leadership. Our Board of Trustees makes strategic decisions about the Union’s long-term future. More than half of its members are students and the other Trustees are individuals highly experienced in campaigning, social enterprises, business and personal development. We also have over 50 full-time staff, many of whom started their working lives as elected student officers and leaders themselves.

You can participate in our democracy in the following ways:

Upcoming Committees

Governance Committee 14:00 2 July 2019
Board of Trustees 15:00 3 July 2019
Communications Committee 15:00 25 July 2019