Management Groups & Constituent Union Committees

Management Groups

A Management Group works as an important link between the the Students Union and our clubs, societies and projects. Our CSPs are split into six fundamental sectors based on the type of activities and events they delivery. These Management Group sectors are: Arts and Entertainment, Community, Culture, Knowledge, Recreation and Sports. 

Management Group each have a committee of officers who are elected from the collective of CSP's who are within their sector. The purpose of a Management Group is to represent the collective of CSP's within their sector, provide a first line of support, provide basic administration approvals for governance and finance, and lastly to escalate concerns within the collective of students to the Union. 

You can find the contact details of the management group committees below. If the roles in your Management Group are unfilled, you can contact the ICU Activities Centre ( for general enquiries, and the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) ( and the Deputy President (Finance & Services) ( for guidance on finances and annual budgeting.

Constituent Unions

Imperial College Union is divided into six Constituent Unions (CUs), which are traced back to when Imperial College London was founded in 1907 after a number of smaller scientific & engineering teaching institutions united to create one College. 

Every student at Imperial is automatically a member of a Constituent Union, depending on their area of study. Involving yourself or your CSP within your Constituent Union allows you to meet other students in the same faculty and course area as you, and work to tackle issues that affect you as a group.

All Constituent Unions also have a committee, which is elected in by the members of that CU. Each CU is lead by a President, who oversees the organisation for that academic year. Supporting them is a team of Vice Presidents and Officers, known as the 'CU Exec'. These students support areas such as Representation, Events and Activites, Publicity and Finances.

Find out more about each Constituent Union here and their contact details below.