Image of 4 students wearing masks, sitting on the steps next to Queen's Tower

Meet The Working Class Committee

Working-Class Officer - Jordan Elliott

Hey guys,

I’m Jordan your returning Working Class Officer. I am also a fifth year medic with a BSc in Neuroscience and Mental Health and I am interested in fitness.

Last year, limiting the impact of the rising cost-of-living was my main priority. I worked closely with various members of the Union and the College to improve access to a range of financial support.

This year, though I will continue to ensure that students are financially supported, I will also focus on social mobility. I believe that to effectively socially mobilise, we must be supported in reaching our full potential (without a pressure to overperform) and we must feel a sense of belonging at every stage in our career. I will therefore promote engagement with our personal histories so that we may progress vocationally without feeling as though we are betraying our authentic selves.

Please feel free to speak to me about social mobility, belonging or any related issues either in person or by dropping me an email.