Ticket T&Cs

Ticket Terms and Conditions 2023/24

In these terms and conditions ‘ICU’ refers to Imperial College Union, ‘You’ or ‘Your’ refers to individual purchasing or using the tickets. These terms shall be governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Nothing in these terms shall exclude liability for fraudulent misrepresentation.  

By attending any ICU Event, you agree to abide by all ICU rules, regulations and byelaws and understand that the event takes place on college campus and all Imperial College rules, regulations and code(s) of conduct apply to you at the event.  


Purchasing Tickets  

You may only purchase tickets for use yourself, or guest tickets for individuals with whom you will be attending the event.   

You may not buy guest tickets if you do not intend on attending the event yourself.  

You must not attempt to buy a ticket on behalf of another individual through deception.  

You may not transfer or resell your ticket.  


Event Tickets  

Your ticket purchase will show in your account on eActivities which is linked to your CID. Details on collecting physical tickets and wristbands (if applicable) will be published in advance of the event – you will be required to bring your CID card and valid proof of age.  

The unauthorised production, reproduction or replication of event tickets and / or wristbands is strictly prohibited and will lead to disciplinary action.  

You are responsible for the security of your ticket(s) and / or wristband(s) once collected. They will not be reissued.  


Bringing Guests  

ICU may allow members to purchase tickets for guests who are non-members. You must accompany your guests to the event and assume responsibility for their actions during the event.   

All guests must be over 18 years of age. Guests must be signed in on entry to the event and be able to present original copies of photo ID (driver's license or passport) proving that they are over 18.  



All attendees are required to provide proof of age (a valid driver's license, national ID card, PASS card or passport) if asked by the staff. Failure to do so can lead to refusal of entry.  

All ICU members, Imperial College students or staff, must also bring with them their CID card.  

All late-night ICU Events are strictly over 18 events. Any attempt to attend as a guest or to procure a ticket through deception is strictly prohibited and will lead to disciplinary action.  


Entering the Venue  

ICU Events will generally have a last entry time which is earlier than the end time of the event. After this time, admittance will be denied, even if you have a valid ticket.  

Any tickets to a nightclub event will guarantee you entry to the event until 11pm, after this time entry will be dependent on venue capacity until last entry. In the event of the entry guarantee time changing this will be specifically noted on the event page.  

Anyone attempting entry without a valid ticket will be subject to the ICU and Imperial College disciplinary processes.  

ICU reserves the right to refuse you entry to the event if you are intoxicated. You will not be eligible for a refund if this occurs.  

ICU Events generally operate on a no-readmittance policy, this means that if you leave the event for any reason, you will not be permitted to re-enter.  

ICU operates a zero-tolerance policy towards any abusive behavior towards guests and staff. ICU reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone breaching the zero-tolerance policy in any way.  



We will make efforts to ensure priority queues are available for advance ticket holders at all of our events – however, please note that this cannot be guaranteed. For busy or sold-out events, it is recommended that you turn up as early as possible to avoid queueing for longer than necessary. 


Transfers and Refunds  

Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be sold on.   

All sales are final, and refunds are not available on tickets once they have been purchased (including duplicates or purchases made in error, tickets bought for the wrong event or nonattendance due to personal choice, illness or injury). 

However, there are certain instances in which a refund may be given:  

• The entire event has been cancelled by ICU or affiliated promoter. In this instance, refunds are available to everyone who has purchased a ticket in advance, at face value. Please note that relocation of the event to a different venue will not qualify unless the capacity of the new venue is less than the number of ticket holders.  

• The event has been stopped while in progress due to circumstances beyond our control which may be deemed as too unsafe to continue. In this instance, a decision will be made by management as to whether refunds will be offered to those with tickets. In all instances, management’s decision is final based on the individual circumstances.  

• If we discover an error in the price of tickets you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and we may either cancel the order (in which case you will be refunded the ticket price and any booking, transaction or supplementary fees you have paid) or give you the option of confirming your order at the correct price. 

There are no other instances in which a refund may be offered. 

If you have a question or query, then please email icu.events@imperial.ac.uk  

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome, you can raise your complaint by following the Complaints Process which can be found HERE.  


Use of Images  

ICU events will be photographed, filmed, and elements may be streamed via live webcast by us or our agents. By purchasing a ticket to this event, you consent to the recording and transmission of images (both still and moving) of you and your guests as members of the audience. We retain all rights in any images, which can be used for publicity purposes and marketing materials. If you'd prefer your image not to be used in materials, please email beit.events@imperial.ac.uk identifying the image/video.  

During the event, if you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, please let our photographers know. Photos and videos will potentially be uploaded to our social media channels for publicity and marketing purposes.  

If you have any objection to being photographed/recorded while at an ICU Event, please make yourself known to our photographer/videographer or a manager.  


Force Majeure  

If the event for which you have bought a ticket cannot take place or is delayed because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control, we will not be liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred by you or your guests. Examples of such circumstances include (without limitation): war, terrorism, civil commotion, fire, flood, adverse weather, natural disaster, act of God, outbreak of disease, epidemic, pandemic, any strike or labour dispute, interruption or failure of any utility service, any government order, rule regulation, or action by a government or public authority.  

ICU’s liability will be limited to the price you paid for the ticket.  

This means that though we will refund the cost of your ticket if the event is cancelled, we will not be able to reimburse you for any costs incurred such as travel or accommodation.