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ICUsToo is a student-led campaign group tackling sexual harassment, sexual violence, and domestic abuse within Imperial College and the wider higher education community. Our aim is to raise awareness of these issues across campus and support survivors. 

We hope to engage people from various backgrounds, regardless of their familiarity with campaigning, both with and without direct experience of these matters, as we strive to start and progress the conversation on campus harassment and abuse. Through our work, we wish to bring to light the flaws in the current system, provide an insight into the underlying biases that prevent the progress of justice and equality in our society, and promote the student voice within higher education institutions. 

Our end goal is to help ensure a safer space for everyone. 

Our work

We use the acronym L.A.S.E.R to describe the different ways we get involved with this conversation and tackle these issues on campus. Each letter stands for a different area of our work, headed up by one of our leadership committee: 

L = legislature (Advocacy Officer)

A = awareness (Publicity Officer)

S = support (Wellbeing Officer)

E = education (Communications Officer)

R = research (Research Officer)

The chair and any vice-chair over-sees, coordinates, and supports each of these branches. 


Sexual Misconduct Survey Report

This report was commissioned by Deputy President (Welfare) Nathalie Podder, to investigate the prevalence of sexual misconduct at Imperial, the spaces where it is most likely to happen, the efficacy of support and types of responses that are given to survivors of sexual misconduct. This is an incredibly sensitive topic that has a profound impact on the lives of those who have been personally affected by it. It is important to keep this in mind when reading this report; every figure has a group of individuals behind it, and every individual has their own experience.
Read the report here.

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