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Latest News

Reynolds Bar - tell us what you think

After a long period of planning and consultation, the Reynolds Bar on Charing Cross Hospital campus was refurbished earlier...

The Next Generation

New team of Officer Trustees starts today - with biggest mandate of any UK students' union

College to act as rent guarantors

Imperial College Union is proud to announce that Deputy President (Welfare) Jennie Watson’s proposal for the College to act as...

Your Officer Trustees

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)
Deputy President (Education)
Deputy President (Welfare)
Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Latest Officer Trustee Blogs

Deputy President (Finance & Services)
Sunday 31 July 2016
It has been a super couple of years, but now I say goodbye. To the Union at least, as I now start a new adventure over the road at College.It has been my pleasure to serve for two years. Imperial students are unique, the campus is unique, and what...
Sunday 31 July 2016
Today marks my final day as President of ICU and a member of the amazing community at Imperial. This year has been an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience. From working with students on projects through to representing the student body to...
Wednesday 27 July 2016
This is it – my final week as President of the Union! What a year it has been. I'll leave my emotional, fond farewell to my last day, but for now I'll give a recap of my year. As my term in office comes to an end, I’ve used this opportunity to...

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