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Why Advertise with Us?

Imperial College is unlike any other university in the country. It’s the only university in the UK focussing exclusively on science, engineering, medicine and business.

We’re home to 22,000 students and over 370 Clubs, Societies & Projects, one of the largest selections in the country.

Imperial College London is consistently ranked among the top five UK universities and in the top twenty worldwide.

Imperial attracts Undergraduates from more than 125 countries and is ranked in the top ten of the most international universities in the world by Times Higher Education. Imperial is home to the greatest concentration of high-impact research of any major UK university.

On-Campus Advertising

What better way better way is there to connect with students, than to get face to face with them on our campuses? We have a variety of locations available which give you exclusive access to our students, to meet, discuss and interact. Or you can set up ads via our till screens, reaching students visiting our shops and venues without making a trip!

  • Brand Activation

    From £750+VAT

    Perfect for those looking to set up a custom stall and do something a little adventurous - host a smoothie stand, an inflatable game or anything else you can dream up!

  • Promo Stall

    From £550+VAT

    A standard table set up available in high-traffic areas on campus. Bring your banners and materials and get to connecting!

  • Shop Till Screen Ads

    From £300+VAT per week

    Our tills can display advertising to customers alongside the active transactions. The 20 tills across our shops and venues complete an average of 1500 transactions a day, with up to 3500 transactions on our busiest days.

Online Advertising

We speak to over 22,000 people on a weekly basis and you can be included! 

  • Ad in All-Student Email

    from £500+VAT

    Sent fortnightly to all current students, our distribution list boasts over 22,000 students, with an open rate that is double the industry average (approx. 40%).

  • Social Media Post

    £100+VAT per post per channel

    Imperial students are highly engaged online and our social media channels reflect that, with over 37,000 followers across all our channels. A post to one of our channels is a great cost-effective way to put your message out to our students.

    We offer posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Stories.

  • Web Square

    £250+VAT per week

    Our website is one of the most visited students’ union websites in the country with over 83,000 unique users per month. Web Squares are a great way to build your brand identity within Imperial, attract a bigger number of visitors to your website and increase interest in the products and services you offer.

Online Stats


Facebook: 17.5k followers

Twitter: 9k followers

Instagram: 11.3k followers


1 million unique visitors during 21/22 academic year

4.1 million website visits during the 21/22 academic year


22,000 students

40% average email open rate (double industry standard)


How to book

For more information and to book, contact:

Harriet Wells, Commerical Marketing Coordinator,