Planning CSP Events

The Union is here to support and facilitate CSPs to run their events and activities, and a little bit of planning goes a long way to ensure the best experience for your members.  

It is a legal requirement to have all activities recorded and risk assessed, but knowing what groups want to do also allows our staff team to offer you expert advise and support. All Student Group Leaders have a legal duty of care towards their members and a part of meeting this responsibility is ensuring you have followed our Annual Activities Proposal process and our Event and Activity Proposal process.  

What is the difference between the ‘Annual Activities Form’ and ‘Event and Activity Form’ processes?  

The main difference comes down to how often an activity takes place and the risk profile a CSP has been allocated. 

  • Low Risk Groups: Only need to submit the one annual activity proposal form and an event/activity proposal form with a risk assessment every time they run a one-off event. 

  • Medium and High-Risk Groups: Need to submit one annual activity proposal form with an attached annual risk assessment. And if they run any activity outside of this then they will also need to submit an event/activity proposal form with a risk assessment every time they run a one-off event. 

Why do CSPs need to complete two processes? 

By completing these processes ICU will have the necessary information to support you in organising your activities and events. It is a legal requirement for the Students’ Union to have a list of all activities that it’s CSPs are undertaking as well relevant risk management documentation. 

  • Step 1 - Understand Your Responsibility as an Event Organiser

    All Event Organisers Have Responsibilities Which Include:

    • Notifying The Union - It is a legal requirement for the Union to have a list of all activities and events our CSPs are delivering
    • Event Safety & Risk Assessment - Ensuring the event is safe by completing and acting upon a risk assessment
    • Equality & Diversity - A requirement that Event Organisers discuss equity, diversity and inclusion with regard to event speakers & content as well as planning accessible or welcoming events.
    • Freedom Of Speech - Protect and promote freedom of speech within the law via risk assessment
    • Ensuring Your Activity is delivered lawfully - That there is no Gender Segregation, External Speakers are checked, Film Screenings have licenses etc.
    • Attendees Experience - Is my event for members only, open to Imperial students and staff or even the public?
  • Step 2 - Plan Your Event Idea

    Planning events can take any varying degree of time and energy, but below are some of the important aspects to think about to start planning: 

    • Venue - Where on or off campus do you want to run your event? Do I need to book a room?
    • Time - Have I left enough time to plan this even within all the timelines for Union processes?
    • Costs - How much is it going to cost you to run the event that you want?
    • Safety - How big is the Risk Assessment going to be?
    • Event Content - Such as Activities, Speaking Topics, External Speaker, Film Screenings & much more
    • Attendees - Is my event for members only, open to LSE students and staff or event the public?
    • Safeguarding - Will you be working with children, or will there be under 18's attending your event?
    • Speakers - If your event involves a high profile speaker in a College Space, you will need to allow three weeks before they are approved by College.
    • Additional Services - What else do i need to make this event a success such as catering, security or Audio-Visual?
  • Step 3 – Fill in and submit an Event/Activity Proposal Form

    For all events you need to complete the following:

    Please ensure you have attached a copy of your risk assessment and any other necessary documents in your form. Once submitted, Union Staff will review your form within 10 working days.

    Speakers - If your event involves a high profile speaker in a College Space, you will need to allow three weeks before they are approved by College.

    Please note if you submit this form for an event happening with in less than 10 working days it may not be seen until after your event date. Events taking place without Union approval may incur a strike against the CSPs.

    If you are unsure or need more information on running Union events please contact  

  • Step 4 - Staff Approval

    The Union will review your activity proposal form and risk assessments if necessary. We aim to get back to you within 10 working days of your submission to let you know whether it has been approved or needs further work. 

    For events that will need the use of Beit venues or college facilities, such as med labs or sports spaces, we will also share your risk assessments with the relevant experts or space owners who will also review your risk assessment to ensure it is ok for use.

  • Step 5 – Event Organising

    As mentioned above, whether fully approved or provisional there will be more steps you need to take to get your event organised and delivered. Make sure you take these step as your event may not happen or be of the quality your members expect. Some of the things you need to organise are:

    • Arranging Catering
    • Choosing & Booking A Room/Venue
    • Organising security
    • Arranging Audio-Visual(AV)

    Below is an A-Z of processes, procedures and support services linked to events that might help you. 

    If you need any further guidance with running your event, please let us know and we will be happy to help!  

A-Z Guide of Event Support Services, Procedures and Guidance - Coming Soon


Q - Can we have alcohol at our event in a Union or College Space?

A - College spaces – CSPs can only provide alcohol if it’s supplied by College Catering. You cannot provide your own alcohol in College spaces.

Union spaces – Drinking alcohol in the Union building is only permitted in spaces which are supervised by Union bar staff. This means CSPs cannot provide or drink alcohol in any room apart from Metric, Union Bar, 568