Here when you need us

Exam support

Are you ready for exams? The Advice Centre is! We will be here when you need us. 

We know studying at Imperial comes with challenges and our professional advisers are here to help you navigate College regulations, deal with life challenges, and manage stress. We’re independent from College and will provide timely information, support, and guidance so you can get the help you need.

Find all the resources in our digital leaflet here

Get academic support

If you're having problems with your studies, get support from a professional adviser. Get guidance on university regulations, appeals, mitigating circumstances, plagiarism, fitness to practice, problems with supervisors, complaints and disciplinary issues.

Support for life challenges

If you're having problems outside of your studies, we can also help. Common problems we handle include debt, housing and landlord issues, legal affairs, and employment rights.

Support for sexual violence

If you have faced sexual violence, get support from a Sexual Violence Liaison Officer (SVLO). SVLOs form an Imperial-wide network of professional advisers who have been trained to help you in this moment of need.

Support for your wellbeing

Being at university can be hard and sometimes you just need someone to talk to, and someone to listen. We provide that listening ear and if you need further help, we can guide you. We also provide special support during periods of high stress, such as exams. 

Money saving tips voucher alarm

Money Saving Tips 

If money is particularly tight at the moment, or you are just looking for new ways to save, check out this article from Voucher Alarm. It consists of 101 great ways to start saving from today, with tips on how to save on groceries, energy, transport and more.  



The OLLIE Foundation

The OLLIE Foundation is a suicide prevention organisation based in Hertfordshire. OLLIE is an acronym and stands for One Life Lost Is Enough. They were set up in 2016 by three parents who had all tragically lost their sons to suicide, and their mission is to create an environment where no young person ever feels that suicide is their only option. 

They deliver suicide prevention training, mental health support and holistic wellbeing workshops to young people and their supporters (parents, teachers and other professionals).

They have also put together a special online program of support for students. This online program is available to A-level, college and university students. and includes a range of talks and workshops to support wellbeing and mental health and are all FREE to access.

Their website can be found here.