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Academic Appeals Advice for Taught programmes (Undergraduate and Master level Programmes)

Making an Appeal

Are you thinking of making an appeal? The guidance on this page will help you understand the procedures involved. The Advice centre can support you through the process.

You can challenge a decision of the board of Examiners or request that mitigating circumstances be taken into account.

You cannot challenge or appeal against academic judgement (A judgement that is made about a matter where only the opinion of an academic expert is sufficient).

If possible, first speak with your tutor to gain some clarification about your issues. If you think there’s been an error in recording your marks, you can request a mark check from your department within 10 days of receiving your formal results. This doesn’t stop you from formally making an appeal.

An appeal must be submitted on the formal academic Appeal submission form Appeal form within 20 college working days (excludes weekends and full college closure days such as bank holidays). Appeals received after 20 working days are likely to be rejected, unless there is clear or valid reason why it’s been delayed.


Grounds for Appeals

1 There has been a material procedural irregularity in the conduct of the assessment or the consideration of the students’ academic profile, ie the college has not followed its own procedures.

2. That there has been a material procedural irregularity in the conduct of the mitigating circumstances procedure.

3. That there is evidence of procedural unfairness in the conduct of the assessment or the mitigating circumstances procedure.

4. A request for the consideration of late mitigating circumstances (2017/2018 only) 

If you are thinking about appealing do get in touch. Email this is the quickest way to contact us. We can guide you through the process and help you put together your appeal statement.

 Appeal-guidance 2018.pdf