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Academic Appeals

From time to time your studies might be affected by personal difficulties or a deterioration in your physical or mental health.

You might also feel that your examination has not been conducted correctly and this has affected your results.

If this happens you might be able to appeal by submitting an appeal form if:

  • You want to contest a decision of the Exam Board e.g. a grade
  • You have been withdrawn from the course for lack of progress
  • You want your marks to be checked

You can appeal by submitting a statement if:

  • You are studying for a Phd, MD(Res), MD, MS, MPhil, and the result of the examination is that you are not going to be awarded your degree.

Please note that you cannot appeal academic judgement, which apply to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Make sure that you read the procedures carefully as the process might vary depending on your level of study.

If you decide to appeal do contact We can explain the process, help you write the appeal and gather the necessary evidence.

For more information about appeals, take a look at the College's information and guidance on student appeals. 

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