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This is the Committee Support Hub

This is where you go to get all the information on Clubs, Societies, and Projects.  

Newly Elected Committee   

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Newly Approved Groups 

Before August 1st there are a few things you will need to get familiar with to ensure you are equipped and ready for your new role. 

Before August 1st there are a few things you will need to complete to help support next year's committee.

As a new group there are a few things you will need to complete before you can start planning activities. Visit New Activities Incubator Page for more information 

We have information on key dates, handover and training, and a committee induction newsletter for key updates and information.

  • Key dates

    It is vital that you are aware of key upcoming dates and deadlines. They can be found on the Committee support hub and will also be communicated via the CSP Newsletter.    

    Summer Checklist 



    Receive your committee handover  June 31st July 

    Submit your Recurring Activity Risk Assessment Form 

    1st August

    14th August

    Submit the Annual Room Booking form  

    1st August

    16th August

    Remember on 1st August  your memberships go live and you gain eActivities access. 
    Financial Responsibility Form opens  1st August Open all year

    Book your place at Welcome Fair 


    Early September

    24/25 Event Proposal form opens  

    12th August

    Open all year 

    October Activity Submission (trips & events 12th August  1st September
    Register your coach/instructor through the form 12th August  30th August
    Ad-hoc Room Booking form opens  26th August Open all year 

    Request access to your spaces around the union building 

    30th August

    Open all year 

    Welcome Fair!  - 1st October 

    Give it a Go

  • Handover 

    A handover document is a written document with vital information to pass on from one committee/committee member to the next. 

    A good handover will give you the essentials that can help you to plan events and understand how your CSP is run. 

    Visit our Handover Support Page for further guidance 

  • Training

    Newly elected committee members will need to undergo training in their role.  

    It is vital that principal committee members complete their training, to enable them to put on events and book rooms for their CSP. 

    Visit our Committee Training Page for all you need to know  

Committee Induction Newsletter 

We will be keeping you updated via the Committee induction Newsletter.  

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