How We're Run

Imperial College Union is run by students, for students. As we run a wide range of activities and services, and as we are a registered charity with a significant annual financial turnover, we have a governance structure that balances student leadership, professional support and strategic vision.

Transparency and accountability are important principles to Imperial College Union, and are key to demonstrating our core value of Democracy. As such, minutes and papers of all Union Council and Board of Trustee meetings are openly available to our members whenever possible.

Union Council

Union Council represents the voice of students to set the policy of Imperial College Union through bringing together student leaders from across all of our activities. In Union Council, our Officer Trustees come together with the leaders of our Constituent Unions, Academic & Wellbeing Representation Networks, Management Group Chairs and Liberation Teams, as well as elected Undergraduate and Postgraduate representatives of students from every faculty of Imperial College London.

Union Council's role is to provide political leadership and to support and scrutinise the Officer Trustees. It does this by passing policies, mandating student leaders to carry out certain actions or campaigns, and by holding student leaders accountable. Union Council has three subcommittees to support specific discussion and decision-making - Clubs, Societies & Projects Board, Education & Representation Board, and Community & Welfare Board.

Union Council meets monthly during term-time, and any student of Imperial College London can attend and propose a topic for discussion. Proceedings of Union Council can be found here.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the most senior governing body of Imperial College Union. It provides the strategic direction and vision of the organisation by ensuring that we are working towards Our Strategy, and verifies that our staff and student leaders are conducting their activities safely and legally. The Board of Trustees approves Imperial College Union's annual budget and examines its financial performance, issuing our Annual Reports. 

The membership of the Board of Trustees is a mix of elected students (including the Officer Trustees), appointed students, and trustees drawn from outside of our student body. These 'lay trustees' are selected from industry and academia, for their expertise and experience and their external perspective. 

The Board of Trustees meets six times a year, and has four subcommittees: Finance & Risk, Communications, Governance, and Appointments & Remuneration. Proceedings of the Board of Trustees can be found here.

Constitution & Byelaws

Imperial College Union's founding documents are the Constitution & Bye-laws, which set out the fundamental purpose and structure of Imperial College Union. The Constitution & Bye-laws, as well as other key agreements and partnership documents, can be found here.