Disciplinary Procedures

What is misconduct?

Misconduct is broadly defined by the College and can be deemed minor or major depending on the circumstances of the case. Examples may include:

  • Disruption of academic, administrative, sporting, social or activities of the College
  • Misuse of College premises, facilities or properties
  • Failure to treat others fairly and with respect
  • Harassment of any student, staff or visitor to the College
What will happen if I am accused of misconduct?

If you have been accused of misconduct, the College may take disciplinary action. An investigation will decide if you have committed a breach of discipline, on the balance of probabilities. 

What does an investigation involve? 

An investigation is a fact finding process to establish evidence and the circumstances of the case. The investigator's aim is to impartially collect evidence, not to build a case against you. The investigation may involve interviewing who made the complaint, who the complaint is against, and any witnesses. 

The full student disciplinary procedure can be found here.