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Events & Trips


If you are planning a unique event as a CSP, the Union is here to help!


The Union is here to support CSPs to run trips and a little bit of planning goes a long way to ensure the best experience for your members.

CSP Management

Annual Activity Registration & Risk Assessments

All CSPs of medium risk or above must complete an annual risk assessment.  Find out more here.

Space Access Requests and Key Lists

Understand what spaces you have access to as a CSP and the processes to request that access be given to certain members.

CSP Emails & Committee Role Accounts

CSPs are offered an institutional ( email address to use for club business and communicating with members.

Instructors, Coaches, and Contractors

All CSPs need to record what instruction, if any, occurs within their activities. This could include: Having external instructors who give group lessons, peer-to-peer training within the members, or attendance at external training centres.

Union Equipment Hire

The union provides equipment for any club, society or project to hire at no expense throughout the year. Your CSP can request these items and check their availability under the Bookings tab on your eActivities account.

Inventory and Equipment

CSPs often require equipment, machinery, assets or items in order to carry out their activities and events. Anything owned by a CSP is classed as Union property. 

Room Bookings

Room Bookings Info

See our bookable spaces.

Book a room now!

Check out the room booking process.

Annual Room Bookings

Information on annual bookings.