Finance & Funding


Due to the amount of information associated with running your CSP finances successfully, we hold training pages in eActivities to guide you through our financial processes. Through the link below, you can view all information on CSP Expenditure, Income, Transfers and all Union Finance Processes. Please visit the landing page below to view all information pages. 

Finance & Funding | eActivities ( 

Have a look below for key information for your CSP on income & expenditure. 

Funding Opportunities 

Tips for submitting a funding application 

If you are planning on submitting a funding application, below are some tips on writing an application 

  • Know the criteria and if you are eligible

    Different applications will have different criteria and policies. 

    Before submitting an application make sure you have read and understood the criteria and guidelines.  

  • Assume the committee know nothing about you or your group

    All applications are handed over to a committee to review.  

    There will be a variety of knowledge in terms of what they know about different groups. It is therefore important that you write your application as if no one knows anything about your group.

    For example, you may require a specialist piece of equipment. In your application you should explain what the specialist equipment is and how it is vital for your regular activity to go ahead, as this may not immediately be obvious to those unfamiliar with your activities.  

  • Ask for the right amount of money

    Provide a clear breakdown of how you will spend the money if your application is successful.  

    We advise that you attach this as a file  

    Examples coming soon 

  • Demonstrate why you should receive funding and how it will be used

    There will be multiple applications submitted and it is important to make yours stand out.  

    You will need to explicitly state why you should be awarded funding, and how it would benefit your group. 

  • Check your application

    Read through your application before submitting it.   

    Check that it makes sense, and that the information is accurate. 

  • Examples (Coming soon!)

Best of luck with your applications!