Annual Room Bookings

If your CSP holds regular meetings, training sessions, rehearsals or other in-person activity, and requires space for these activities, then you will need to place an annual room booking.  Activities or events taking place on a less frequent basis are not suitable for this type of room booking and should be submitted as Ad Hoc Bookings. Below outlines the steps each group should take to complete an annual booking request.

Annual Room Booking Process

Step 1: The committee should review the activities they delivered last year and the bookings they had. They should then plan activity they wish to deliver for this year. 

Step 2: We advise each group to take a look at all spaces available for bookings.

Step 3: The committee should agree on the activities and spaces the group should book, as well as times. 

Step 4: Ensure you have read the Union's room bookings terms and conditions as these apply to all room bookings made by a CSP including Annual Room Bookings. If you are booking any college spaces we also need you to read the college's room booking policy.

Step 5: Fill in and Submit your groups Annual Room Bookings Request using the link below.


Submit Your Annual Room Bookings Form Here

Timeline & Deadlines
  • 12th August 2022: Annual room bookings form opens for request
  • 28th August 2022: Deadline for request forms
  • 9th September 2022: Room Allocations Communicated to Student Groups
  • 12th - 15th September 2022: Drop in's available with Activities team to discuss concerns
  • 16th September 2022: Ad-hoc Room Bookings Form Launched for one-off room bookings
  • 10th October 2022: Annual room bookings start from this date