Imperial Award: Reflective Writing (Online)

Tuesday 2 June 2020 17:30 - 18:30
Online (TBC) Imperial Award Union

This is a session for students registered to the Imperial Award and focused on exploring the process of self-reflection and understanding how to write a reflective statement that meets the criteria.
By the end of the workshop attendees will be better able to:
- Consider what ‘self-reflection’ and ‘transformative impact’ are, in the context of the Imperial Award
- Identify what’s required to write a reflective statement for this programme
- Appropriately use the Imperial Award self-reflection tool and the SCART model
- Critically evaluate their reflective writing against the Imperial Award assessment criteria

In preparation for this workshop it is highly recommended that you attend our ‘Imperial Award - Getting started’ workshop, or read the Student Information Pack

Free of charge, open to all students.