Jane Saffell receiving SACA

Dr Jane Saffell

The winner of the 2014 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Feedback was Dr Jane Saffell, Department of Medicine.

What the students said about Dr Jane Saffell

  • "Most thorough feedback i've received on any piece of work since being at university, really set me up well for the future modules." 

  • "Bang on time even considering that she marked every single student's herself as well as collating feedback from a second marker."

  • "Replied really quickly to any queries, by email or in person, day or night."

  • "Comments all the way through my essay, and other students' papers, highlighting areas that were incorrect or poorly written but also pointed out what was good in the writing too."

  • "Very clear in how I would go about improving my grade, especially compared to other module leaders. She spoilt me for feedback and now I have high expectations for other markers as I have seen what can be achieved in a 2 week turn around."

  • "Jane very much defined giving good feedback, with commentary through-out our essays telling us specifically not only what we could improve on and how, but also where we did well. I often feel that after feedback, as has been the case in other modules, I would not be able to re-do the piece any better, however, Jane was really helpful in that respect, I fully felt that I could have written a better answer second time around."

  • "She provided us with clear, balanced feedback not only on each section of our work but even down to individual sentences. Her feedback involved both positive comments and constructive criticism which has allowed me to learn my strengths and to work on my weaknesses."

  • "The feedback was detailed and you really felt that after having read it, you could go and rewrite the piece again to get a higher mark."

  • "You also got the feeling that she took time to read your coursework (rather than quickly skimming over it) and the feedback was specific to your piece of work. I don't think we appreciated how brilliant she was until we had coursework marked by others!"

  • "I am nominating Dr Saffell for giving the best feedback I've ever received throughout this medical course. She was so enthusiastic for us all to do well and put in a great amount of time in person individually. For our essay she made thorough and detailed comments so we knew if we did it again how to improve."
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