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Welcome to Student Activities!

Getting involved in student activities is a fantastic way to meet new people, learn a new skill, or to simply have fun!

Imperial College Union supports a varied range of activities. Whether you're interested in doing some volunteering within the community, competing against other universities in sport or raising some money for charity, we've got something for everyone.

Clubs, Societies & Projects

We have over 370 Clubs, Societies & Projects which are all student-led and student run.

This is one of largest varieties of student-led activities at a University in the UK and we are immensely proud of this! Clubs, Societies & Projects (or CSPs as we like to call them) relieve the student population from being all work and no play and help make your time here so much more than just studying.

In the A-Z section you'll find a snippet of every single club including contact details and links to their own webpages and social media so have a browse. You’re guaranteed to find a group that caters for your interests!


Clubs are mostly student groups which undertake sporting activities. Many of them play competitively in London-wide and national leagues against other universities, but they also offer more casual opportunities for beginners and beyond.


The majority of our student groups are called societies. These vary widely from Faculty and Departmental societies, to Arts or Cultural groups, and many more. The terms 'clubs and societies' are often very interchangeable and simply describe a group.


Projects are student-led initiatives which aim to undertake community and outreach work, or raise money for charitable causes. These include groups who volunteer and coordinate activities in the local community and further afield working on international development projects abroad.

Club, Society & Project A to Z

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