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Medicine Sans Fronteres (MSF) is an international medical and humanitarian aid organisation also know as Doctors without Borders. There is a misconception that the charity only involves people in healthcare but their work is dependent on the logisticians, managers and all the other behind-the-scenes personnel. The work that they do is vital to ensure that there is a system in place for the healthcare to be delivered where, and most importantly when, it is needed. It takes an extreme amount of organisation to mobilise, transport and create an appropriate response to whatever disaster needs assistance - MSF works in remote locations around the globe as well as rapid relief efforts including Lybia and Japan. Additional to emergency work, MSF has long term connections with governments of many countries to provide education and organise prevention campaigns to sure up healthcare infrastructure. Friends of MSF, is the student group dedicating to fundraising, and perhaps more challengingly, raising awareness for this incredible organisation. Our events include showing docufilms, inviting speakers to Imperial, debates and discussions on current issues, as well as fundraise through cake sales, raffles and tube collections. We work with other FoMSF groups across London to coordinate events and this year helped organise a charity run in Regents park that raised over £25,000. We are passionate about MSF, and welcome anyone who would like to have fun supporting the work that they do!

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