Image of Imperial Union Building, with text over:2021-2023 Strategic Plan

Back to Basics

In May 2021 our Board of Trustees approved our new strategic plan and associated KPIs in a balanced scorecard. The plan is called ‘Back to Basics’ for a reason: because we understand we need to spend at least two years refocusing on the fundamentals of what makes a students’ union so important.

The plan is split into six key sections:

  1. We identify and understand the major contextual challenges and opportunities that we face.
  2. We state what our overall mission is and the theory of change that underpins all our work.
  3. We define what this means for our students as our aims.
  4. We identify the enablers that will help us to become an effective organisation.
  5. We articulate how we work through our values.
  6. We set key performance indicators to measure our performance against clear goals.

Download a .pdf of "Back to Basics" here!