Union Equipment Hire

The union provides equipment for any club, society or project to hire at no expense throughout the year. Your CSP can request these items and check their availability under the Bookings tab on your eActivities account. This equipment is here to support your student led activities and maintained by our student activities and development team.

Equipment can be hired for up to 7 days. There is no charge associated with booking any of this equipment, but your club will be charged if it is not returned on time or in the same state it was provided.  

For the full terms and conditions please click here.

General Equipment

The Student Union has the following equipment available to hire: 

  • 3 Marshalling Packs
  • 5 First Aid Kits
  • 2 Projectors with VGA Cables - please ensure they are allowed to cool before switching off entirely.
  • 2 Projector Screens
  • 2 Water Urns
  • 4 Foldable Tables
  • Crank Handles
  • 2 PDQ Card Machines 
  • UDH Rake Controller & Gate Key - Coming Soon

How do I hire equipment?  

All equipment is available for hire through your club, society or project e-Activities account. The process can be completed by any of your committee members, we've provided a step-by-step guide below.

  • Step 1 - Check Availability

    All equipment availability can be viewed via our calendar on eActivities. Get here through Administration < Bookings < Equipment and you should see the image below.  

    *please note, you cannot hire all of one type of equipment for one CSP at one time

  • Step 2 - Submit Your Booking

    Select the pink tab ‘Equipment Request’ and you should see this image below. Select the desired equipment from the drop-down menu and then select your desired dates. This will then be reviewed and delegated based upon availability. If you are booking a PDQ machine, please see the further information section below for the training you need to complete for hire.

  • Step 3 - Collect Your Booking

    If your equipment has been allocated, you will have received a confirmation email. Please ensure you have this email ready to show upon collection.  

    All equipment must be collected from the Union Help Desk. The Helpdesk is open Monday – Friday 10:00 - 16:00, for any equipment hired over the weekend, please ensure to collect this before 16:00 on a Friday and return it first thing on Monday. 

  • Step 4 - Returning Equipment

    Equipment should be returned to the Union Helpdesk at the end of your booking. If your booking is after hours, ensure to return equipment to the union offices by 12 pm (the latest) the next day . For any equipment hired over the weekend, please ensure to return it first thing on Monday morning.   

    PDQ Machines have specific steps that need to be taken when they are being returned.

    Failure to return equipment on time will result in the following: 

    • Your CSP being Charged – Minimum Charge £100 (Total find depends on damage and return time) 

    • Your CSP being issued a Strike in line with the Union Strike Policy 

More Information on the Equipment we offer  

Below you can find more detail on the equipment available to your CSP. Each section breaks down exactly what the equipment consists of and a brief description of its use. 

  • Marshalling packs

    Marshalling Packs are for events open to the general public and/or are considered 'large-scale'. 

    To book out a Marshalling pack you will need to have passed the Marshalling Quiz on eActivities. A Marshall Pack Should contain the following: 

    • High visibility jacket (x2) 

    • Clickers (to count attendees in and out – to prevent overcrowding) 

    • Tape measure 

    (You should only need 1 pack between 2 marshals). For information on What is Marshalling: 



  • First Aid Kits

    First aid kits are available for free from the Student Opportunities and Development Centre for club use. The First Aid Kits are for ad-hoc use, such as large events and trips and tours, not for regular club use. If you are a club whose activities regularly require a First Aid kit (such as regular sports fixtures), this should be provided and budgeted for by the club. The Kits that we provide have the following contents: 

    A full list of what the Universal Plus First Aid Kit contains can be found on the St Johns Ambulance Website 

    If any kits are not returned, your CSP will be charged. Please ensure to note the content of the First Aid Kit that you use and communicate this when returning the First Aid Kit, to ensure these items can be replenished for the next booking. 

  • Projectors and Screens

    Portable Mini Video Projector with Full HD 1080p, 5000 Lumens & 180” Display, Compatible with USB / HDMI / AV /Micro SD, Home Cinema Projectors 

    Both projectors come with a VGA cable. 

    Projector Screens - Projector Screens will need to be requested separately. 

    Display4top 60" Portable Projector Screen,4:3 

    Screen:122cm(W) x 91cm(H) (60" Portable Tripod) 

  • Water Urns
    • 5L Airpot Hot Water Dispenser with Pump Action 

    • Double-Walled Insulated and Lightweight   

    • Hot and Cold Drink Beverage 

    Please ensure to clean this before returning  

  • Foldable Tables

    6ft Foldable Trestle Tables 

    DIMENSIONS: Size (Width) 180cm (Depth) 70cm (Height) 74cm. 

  • Crank Handles

    10 Large  

    2 Small 

  • PDQ Machines

    The Union have 2 PDQ Machines available for hire. PDQ Machines are card machines that you can use to charge individuals entry to events, tickets, products or fundraise with. CSP’s can only hire one PDQ Machine at a time.  

    To hire a PDQ machine there are extra steps you need to take including. 

    Complete PDICSS Training

    • You will have to complete PCI-DSS training. This is a legal requirement. Click here to complete the training.
    • Proof of completion of this training will have to be shown when collecting the PDQ machine (you should receive an email confirmation). If this training is not done, you will need to complete it before the PDQ machine can be issued to your CSP. 

    PCI-DSS training validity only lasts for the academic year it was taken, and will need to be retaken annually if using a PDQ machine. 

    Tamper Checks

    When collecting a PDQ machine, you should expect it to take roughly 20-30 minutes as the Union has to complete a tamper check of the machine, and complete relevant forms to ensure the machine is compliant. 

    Returning PDQ: 

    PDQ machine MUST be returned (fully charged) to the Student Activities Team at the Union Office on Level 2 before 12pm next day or same day (if before 4pm). 

    Please do not run any reports from the card machine. When you return it to us, we will zero the machine and give you a copy of the report for completing your banking records Including the Terminal ID.

    Completing Banking Records:

    Update your banking records by heading to E-activities > Finance > Income > Banking Records > Card Machine


Are you looking for something we don't have on the list?

If you need equipment that we don't currently offer, you can tell us. We are here to support your activities in whatever way possible and want to hear what you need to improve your student experience.