Trip Reports

Trip Reporting 

The Union has a pot of money set aside to support Clubs, Societies and Projects (CSPS) in funding the trips they deliver for members both in the UK (United Kingdom) and abroad. This money is provided to us by the Imperial College Trust.   

A condition of receiving Trip funding is that Clubs, Societies & Projects must submit a Trip Report following the completion of the trip. 

All trips must submit a trip report 3 working weeks after their trip has ended.  

Drafting your Report 

We advise that all groups currently make their reports in a word document and do not over complicate the reports. We welcome more creative reports and ones that are professionally designed – this makes your group shine! We currently do not have a template for you to use but we will be designing one for you this academic year.  

Below is some guidance on what the reports should contain: 

Tour Reports should contain the following: 

  • Background/purpose of the tour
    • Aims & Objectives 

    • Outline any History/Legacy about the trip if there is one 

  • Overview of the tour
    • Itinerary 

    • What did you achieve? 

    • What went well 

    • What did not go so well 

    • How you overcame issues & lessons for next time etc. 

  • Budget
    • Expenditure to prepare for the tour 

    • Expenditure during the tour 

    • Self-funded expenditure 

    • Use of IC Trust expenditure 

    • Outline how you are going to make this trip financially stable in the future should you not receive any more trip funding. 

  • Impact Review
    • Was the tour a success? (You can measure this against your aims and objectives noted above) 

    • Provide a list of the participants who attended with a breakdown of whether they are current students or associates. 

    • Outline whether you think the trip has supported equity, diversity, or inclusion 

    • Outline the sustainability impact of the trip 

    • Participant’s testimonials (We expect you to gather at least three testimonials from participants who attended the trip that are not committee members outlining how they benefited from being on the trip) 

    • Will you be planning to go on this tour again? 

    • Do you hope to expand/improve your tours this year? 

  • Photos & Content
    • Make sure you add in loads of amazing photos and content from your trip as the IC Trust Panel appreciate visually seeing the trips you deliver and provides a positive image of CSP trips 

    We know drafting a report when you have not seen one before can be difficult so below you can find a list of downloadable examples from the past of reports written by groups. We are working on uploading more recent reports soon. 

  • Example Reports

Submitting Your Trip Report

All trips must submit a trip report 3 working weeks after their trip has ended. 

You can submit your Trip Report using the submission form here