Activities Development Fund

ADF applications are now closed for 2017/18 academic year as all funds have been allocated

The Activities Development Fund is a pot of money put aside at the start of the year for Clubs, Societies & Projects to apply to throughout the year to support any new or developing activities they may be trying to achieve and that could not have budgeted for during annual budgeting.

The ADF Committee also considers applications for contingency claims for when something has gone wrong that could not have been avoided or is not through any fault of your own. All forms should be completed via the Qualtrics ADF form.

All applications are then forwarded to the committee (a team of five student volunteers from a variety of Management Groups and Constituent Unions, chaired by the DPCS and DPFS) to consider. Clubs will be notified once a decision has made in regards to their application.

ADF applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and the Committee will be communicating with clubs as their applications are being considered. Clubs should expect to hear back within two weeks of the Committee meeting which is closest to the time of their submission.

The deadline for consideration at a given month's ADF Committee meeting will be the 2nd Tuesday of every month. The first deadline of 2017/18, including ADF submissions from over the summer, will be on the 8th of November 2017.