Instructors, Coaches and Contractors

All Clubs, Societies & Projects need to record what instruction, if any, occurs within their activities. This could include: Having external instructors who give group lessons, peer-to-peer training, or attendance at external training centers. A combination of various options is also possible.

If your CSP does have any kind of coaching, instruction or external contractors, you must follow the processes below:

Documents & Requirements

All Sports and physical activity Coaches and Instructors must provide evidence of the following documentation and qualification before coaching and receiving any payment. 

Instructor/Coach and CSP Agreement (template below) Essential
Relevant Coaching Qualification Essential
First Aid Certificate Essential
Public Liability Insurance (£5m+) Essential
Unique Taxpayer Reference (Paid Only) Essential
NGB Affiliation Desirable
Mental Health In Sport Certification Desirable

For groups who have contractors, teachers or leaders that are not a sports group, please reach out to and one of the Activities Team will help determine the appropriate requirements. 

Music groups who contract conductors, musical directors or external teachers must provide a contract with the UTR of the individual and a basic DBS check certificate from the last 3 years.


    • In either case, coaches have signed up to some form of quality assurance. As such, they will be subject to the Union's policies on, amongst others, capability and discipline. Coaches are also signing up as a supplier to the Union. If quality is judged to be below standard, we will discuss this with you and take any appropriate action. In the first instance, you should raise any issues with the Activities Team on
  • Step 1 - Recruit Contractor
    • Once you have found the coach or instructor that you wish to recruit, you must negotiate with them the level at which you are going to pay them and agree with them what volume of hire you want from them.
    • Please see the examples on this information page for an idea of rates that are suitable for different services. 
    • Once you have discussed this with them, you must fill in these fields of the Contractor Agreement and ask them to complete and sign it.
  • Step 2 - Ask Contractor to Complete the Agreement
    • You will need to share the Contractor Agreement to your chosen Instructor/Coach so they are able to fill out the relevant fields.
    • This will allow you to ask them for the correct details of their essential documentation and for them to send you copies of certificates and/or evidence of qualifications.
    • If they are unable to fill out any fields or cannot provide suitable documentation, they are not compliant with our supplier criteria therefore should not be recruited.
  • Step 3 - Submit your Coach or Instructor for Union Approval
    • When they have completed their sections of the Contractor Agreement, they must also send you copies of there insurance, first aid certificate and coaching certificate.
    • Once you have all of these you must sign the contract yourself and use the submission form below to upload the documents for Union review and approval.
    • If all documentation is correctly provided, the Union will co-sign your agreement and email it back to your CSP email address.

    Coaches & Instructor Approval Request Form 23/24 

    • Deadline for Sports Clubs: 1st October

      You must await official confirmation from the Activities that your coach can commence work. Any work that takes place prior to this confirmation being received will not be payable and an investigation will take place to ascertain the circumstances.
  • Step 4 - Set Coach or Instructor up in the System For Payment
    • If approved, you must set your contractor up as supplier in E-Activities using the details they provided on their contractor agreement form. 
    • You can do this by going to E-Activities > Log In > Finance > Expenditure > Purchase Orders > Request a New Supplier
  • Step 5 - Regularly Pay For Your Coaches & Instructors
    • You should be receiving a monthly invoice from your coaches and instructors. You should provide them with a Purchase order to add to their invoice. You can find the purchase order process here. 
    • Once they have sent you an invoice, you and then upload it into the system for payment. 
  • Step 6 - End of Year Closure of Contracts
    •  Contractors will submit their final invoices by the end of the financial year (end of July) and will receive their final payment. The above process will need to be followed again at the start of the next academic year if the coach is to continue working with the Union. As a new agreement will need to be issued and checks of any expired documentation may be required.


  • Can I appoint a coach without going through this process?

    No. It is imperative that you do not allow a coach to work with you without having full confirmation from The Union. Coaches will not have proved their legal "Right to Work in the UK" without going through this process. The Union can be fined and have other sanctions applied if it is found to be failing in its duty to undertake these checks. The Union will investigate any and all instances of coaches working without having followed this process, coaches risk receiving no pay for their work, and disciplinary actions may be taken.

  • What if we have issues with our coach?

    In the first instance, you should raise any issues with the Activities Team on

    As per your agreement, the Union is able to terminate the contract without notice if the quality of the work is unsatisfactory- see clause 13 for more specific information. Please let us know if this is the case as the Union must handle this communication on your behalf.

  • Are we able to have a volunteer coach?

    It is perfectly normal to have a coach who is a volunteer, sometimes they are students who just want to give back. However, even volunteers must meet the minimum requirements outlined above to become a coach for a sports club. The only thing they don't need is a Unique Taxpayer Reference.

  • Why does our coach need the essential documents?

    Having checks in place for these documents is a legal requirement, ensuring that we are taking the appropriate steps to protect your members and the coaches themselves. The agreement aims to ensure they will provide a professional and safe service through being compliant with the Union's expectations for insurance cover, qualifications and right to work.

    It is good practice to recruit all suppliers with this in mind.

    It must be made clear that when you are recruiting any coaches, instructors or contractors that we are hiring them as a self-employed individual. They will need to provide assurance that they meet HMRC guidelines to be defined as a contractor/supplier, and will need to supply a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) or company number in order to register for payment. 

  • What should we pay our coaches?

    Coaches can be paid a range of hourly rates, largely based on experience. This tends to range from £15 for Assistant Coaches to £35+ for high level, specialist trainers.

    Take a look at some job listings on the BUCS website for examples or email for guidance.

    Please note the London Living Wage is £11.95 p/h