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Our aim is to teach Chinese martial arts as they are taught in China to learners of any skill level. If you don't have any experience in martial arts or sports you are absolutely welcome; If you are willing to learn, our world-class coaches will bring out your potential. Visit our website by Googling "IC Wushu", or visit our Facebook page to see our training times and photos/videos. Our sessions focus on Modern Wushu, where we teach routines full of stances, acrobatic movements and even using training weapons (swords, sticks, spears, etc.). We have seminars on Shaolin Wushu and Taiji and trips to London gymnastics centres as well. From Wushu, you will gain strength, speed, flexibility, agility, spatial awareness, stamina and jump height, just to name a few of the benefits. We perform frequently for various occasions, incorporating beginner and advanced routines. Our past performances include Chinatown Chinese New Year, The Great Exhibition Road Festival, IC and CUL Chinese New Year, IC UNICEF, IC Artsfest, IC International Night, V&A Museum event and "East meets West". We have also participated in competitions such as the British National Competition, Oslo Wushu Open and Tang Long Competition. And it's not all 'No Pain No Gain'; We have lots of socials such as club dinners, park picnics, karaoke and film nights showing Kung Fu films! Hope to see you soon!

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