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Imperial DogSoc runs dog walking sessions, dog wellbeing charitable events, volunteering sessions at local dog shelters and tonnes of other socials! Founded in 2021, we are Imperial's best and most welcoming society, and we are calling out to all Imperial dog-lovers and non dog-lovers (yes, these types of people do exist) to come forth and join us. Throughout the year we plan to hold dog walking sessions, a dog wellbeing charitable event, volunteer sessions at local dog shelters and tonnes of other socials. The dog walking sessions will be each week and are intended to be a way for us as students to give back to the local community, and also to help students with the stresses that come with university life and living away from home. So, if this sounds like something that gets your tail wagging then be sure to sign up and get exclusive access to the best thing that Imperial has to offer. Our mailing list, instagram, and whatsapp can be joined through our linktree:

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