LE20: Nominations Open

Monday 3 February 2020

Nominations opened at noon today in The Leadership Elections 2020 (LE20). This is a big annual exercise at Imperial in which all students choose student-body leaders for the academic year ahead (2020-21).

There are paid full-time roles, as well as part-time voluntary ones, and any student at any level can stand. Students in their final year of study may also stand for full time, paid positions.

Nominations close at noon, Friday 28 February while the entire student body will vote 9-12 March 2020.

Click a position below to read more or go here to see all the positions in this election. 

President (FT and paid)
Deputy President (Clubs & Societies ) (FT and paid)
Deputy President (Finance & Services) (FT and paid)
Deputy President (Education) (FT and paid)
Deputy President (Welfare) (FT and paid)
Felix Editor (FT and paid)
Council Chair
Academic Departmental Reps & Wellbeing Departmental Reps
Liberation & Community Officers
Student Trustees
Constituent Union committee roles
Clubs, Societies & Projects committee roles

To learn more about the LE20 and see all the key dates, go here.

Learn about the major roles
The Union will also be hosting a series of talks about the full time positions available in this election - every Wednesday in February at 12:30 in MR4 at the Union Building (Beit) on South Kensington Campus. You may sign up for sessions here.