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Academic Complaints

If you are dissatisfied about the College or a member of staff it is always best to try and resolve the issue informally as soon as the problem arises.

If this does not help you can follow the formal complaint procedure, which has three stages.

  • The complaint is raised directly with the person concerned
  • The complaint is put in writing to the head of the department concerned
  • The complaint is referred to the Director of Student Support who will investigate the complaint together with the Academic Registrar and/or Vice Provost (Education)

A complaint should be raised within 10 working days of the event taking place, and no later than three weeks of an examination/assessment that might be affected.

A response should be given within 20 working days at each stage.

Stage One

  • You should raise a complaint with the party concerned as soon as possible and should make every effort to try and resolve the situation informally.

Stage Two

  • If the complaint is not dealt with at Stage One it should be directed to the Head of the Department or service concerned.
  • If more appropriate the complaint can be sent to the College Tutor.
  • Alternatively the College Secretary and Registrar (or Provost) will nominate someone else.

Stage Three

  • If the complaint is not resolved at Stage Two it can be referred to the Director of Student Support who will investigate the complaint.
  • The Director of Student Support will send a response to the student in writing. This will be the College’s final response.

If the student is not happy with the response they can refer the matter to the OIA. If you do decide to complain do contact

We can help you find the best way to raise your complaint and help you submit a statement and gather the right evidence.