Academic & Wellbeing Departmental Representatives

Academic & Wellbeing Departmental Reps

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Student leadership and representation are fundamental to Imperial College Union. The Academic & Wellbeing Representation Networks enable Imperial students to shape their experiences and the institution as a whole - whether it's influencing College strategy, rewarding excellent academics, challenging poor feedback, or helping people cope with the challenges of living in London.

The Networks operate across all of Imperial College London. The Deputy President (Education) and Deputy President (Welfare) are at the heart of each network; they support Constituent Union Academic and Wellbeing Officers, who in turn support Academic and Wellbeing Departmental Representatives. All of these roles are available in the Leadership Elections 2024.

In turn, each Academic or Wellbeing Departmental Representative supports a team of Year Representatives, who are elected in the Autumn Elections at the start of each academic year.

Academic Departmental Representatives

The Academic Representation Network is a body of student representatives (Reps), across all Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes and research groups. By collecting students' thoughts and feedback, and then raising these issues with relevant staff, Academic Departmental Reps are responsible for identifying and addressing issues affecting students' education within their respective department and working with peers across the network and staff to address them.

Learn more about the activities of the Academic Representation Network here.

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Wellbeing Departmental Representatives

The Wellbeing Representation Network, launched in 2017, now comprises of student representatives across all undergraduate programmes. Wellbeing Reps are responsible for identifying issues and raising awareness on areas affecting students such as health, financial concerns, relationships, equality & diversity and personal safety - as explained on our Rep Network Pathways diagram.

Imperial is a high-performing, pressurised and fast-paced environment. The Wellbeing Departmental Representative works with College and peers across the network so departments can understand the issues students face outside of their academic studies, ensuring that student wellbeing is considered at the same level of importance as academic excellence.

Learn more about the activities of the Wellbeing Representation Network here.

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