Officer Trustees 2019/20


BBQ Week and Ale Festival Launch!

Thursday 23 May 2019 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Sun's out, so what better way to continue the bank holiday vibes than celebrating National BBQ Week with us, while also enjoying our brand new Ale Festival!

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Breaking the Taboo on Eating Disorders

Friday 17 May 2019 Deputy President (Welfare)

Four years ago, this week, I remember completing my UCAS form and putting Imperial as my first-choice university.

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It's Mental Health Awareness Week

Tuesday 14 May 2019 Deputy President (Welfare)

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Are you ready for Graduation?

Thursday 2 May 2019 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Congratulations! It's time to celebrate all the hard work our postgraduates have put in!

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It's that time of year

Tuesday 30 April 2019 Deputy President (Education)

Exams, Dissertations, Deadlines and Projects...This time of year can be really tough.

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What's coming up in May?

Monday 29 April 2019 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

The Easter holidays have come and gone, so what's happening this May?

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Goodbye Curly Fries, Hello Smiley Faces

Monday 1 April 2019 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

This year I've been working hard to bring students food improvements around campus, using the Student Experience Survey, polls and other data to bring about more variety, deals and healthy foods on...

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Summer Ball Updates: It's time for YOU to get creative!

Thursday 21 February 2019 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

The Summer Ball. Our chance to dress up, enjoy an evening of performances, and to celebrate the summer!

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Meat Free Monday: The Verdict

Monday 4 February 2019 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

January has come and gone, along with our trial of Meat Free Monday, which took place in over 30 outlets across 4 campuses, including all C

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Student Support Strategy: Where are we now?

Friday 21 December 2018 Deputy President (Welfare)

Last year towards the end of the year the words “Student Support Strategy” started being thrown around. You may have heard of it, you may not have, but I’m going to explain what on earth it’s all...

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