Host An Event

Do you have an idea for an event you want to host?
Whether you want to run the event as part of a sports club, society or project we can help make your idea happen.
Simply select the type of event you wish to host from the below list:

Entertainment Event

An event that occurs in one of the Union bars that utilises entertainment as its main selling point.

E.g. Club Night, Band Night, Talent Show, Comedy etc.

Catering Event

An event that is focused around food. This is usually a closed event for certain attendees.

E.g. Dinner or BBQ

Bar Night  

A closed event for specific attendees usually held in The Union Bar. In the case of 100+ people, Metric can be used.

E.g. CSP Bar Night, Tasting Event, Cocktail Party

CSP Activity 

Ad hoc bookings made by CSPs for the core purpose of their clubs.

E.g. Guest Speaker Talk, Food Fair, Concert Hall Showcases