Host An Event

Do you have an idea for an event you want to host? Host it online while we're social distancing. You could takeover our Instagram - think hacks, solo performances, or a chat. Or you could host a live event or video on event on our website and we'll help you set it up! Tell us how you wish to help our Imperial student community connect.
Read below for how to run an event when we're back to interacting in person.
Whether you want to run the event as part of a sports club, society or project we can help make your idea happen. Simply select, from the below list, the type of venue you wish to host your event:
Venues include: MetricThe Union Barh-BarReynolds
Example events: Bar Nights, Club Night, Band Night, Talent Show, Comedy, Cocktail Club etc.
Venues include: Concert Hall, Activity Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Dining Hall, Gym, Lecture Theatres, Departmental Rooms & Sport Facilities
Example events: Guest Speaker Talk, Food Fair, Performance Showcase
These can be held in a variety of Union venues.
If you would like event planning guidance please visit the Training Hub.