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Liberation & Community Officer roles

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Our Liberation & Community Officers are the voices of underrepresented groups and causes at Imperial. Elected by the entire student body, they lead on campaigning, lobbying and policy change within the Union and the wider Imperial community to ensure that all members have a fair and equitable experience. Each Liberation & Community Officer will mobilise students to get involved in their campaigns, and lead a committee, elected in the Autumn Elections, consisting of a Campaigns Officer, Community Engagement Officer, and Welfare Officer.

Liberation & Community Officer roles are volunteer positions that are taken up alongside full-time study. They are supported by the Deputy President (Welfare) and the Representation staff team. Each Liberation & Community Officer also sits on Union Council, the student-led policy-making body of Imperial College Union, as well as its subcommittee, the Community & Welfare Board.

Below you will find summaries of each role, but to find out more about any of the Liberation & Community Officer roles, contact the Representation Team at 

Black & Minority Ethnic Officer

The Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer "facilitates the engagement of all BME students in Union activity and represents the views of students on BME issues". They work with student cultural groups and College's Imperial As One staff network to work towards an Imperial community that is inclusive, welcoming, and free from racism and discrimination.

Gender Equality Officer 

The Gender Equality Officer "represents students with any gender-related equality issues at Imperial and works to improve the experience for those students at Imperial". They work with student groups such as FemSoc and Women in Science, as well as the Women at Imperial programme, to tackle barriers faced by women across the Imperial community.

Disabilities Officer

The Disabilities Officer "represents the needs of all students with disabilities at Imperial, whether diagnosed or not, and works to improve the experience for these students during their time at Imperial". They work with disabled members, the Disability Advisory Service, and Able@Imperial to promote a positive culture around disability and inclusivity across the Imperial community.

Ethics & Environment Officer

The Ethics & Environment Officer "promotes green and ethical initiatives to students at Imperial and proposes ideas for policy to make Imperial as sustainable as possible". They work with student groups on campaigns including ethical investment, ending reliance on fossil fuels, and encouraging the use of sustainable transport.

Interfaith Officer

The Interfaith Officer "represents the faith needs of students at Imperial, promoting a culture of tolerance and understanding at Imperial". They work closely with faith groups and societies, as well as the College Chaplaincy.

International Officer

The International Officer "represents the needs of international students at Imperial and promotes equality amongst diverse groups of students". They work closely with cultural and national societies, as well as College's International Student Support team.

LGBTQ+ Officer

The LGBTQ+ Officer "represents any sexuality-related needs of students at Imperial and works to stop any discrimination against the LGBT+ community at Imperial". They work with IQ, the LGBT society, and Imperial 600, College's LGBT staff network.

Mental Health Officer

The Mental Health Officer represents students with mental health issues and works to improve the experience and wellbeing provisions in place for student mental health at Imperial". Previously, the Mental Health Officer has worked closely with student groups and campaigns such as Mentality and Sleep Imperial.

Working Class Officer

The Working Class Officer will represent students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are under-represented at Imperial and face unique challenges. This is a relatively new position and you can read more about why it was created and what your responsibilities will be here.

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