The Union Bar

The Union Bar is Imperial's oldest bar, by far!

Since 1957 The Union Bar has been home to the Union's tankard collection. Each tankard belongs to an elected role within the Union with the tankard holder for each year engraved on it. 

Home to darts, real ales and the RSM Bottle, the Union Bar remains a firm favourite with undergraduates, postgraduates, alumni and staff.

The Union Bar is Cask Masque accredited, guaranteeing that you receive a great pint of cask ale with every visit!

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Our promises to you

  • We will always greet you and acknowledge your arrival with a smile ensuring you are served as quickly as possible.
  • We will serve you your lunchtime meals within 15 minutes from ordering, or let you know of any potential delays before you order.
  • We will provide you with the best social spaces at the College with a wide range of events with something for everyone.
  • The range of products we offer will be regularly reviewed to ensure we are providing you with the products you want.
  • Our prices will be competitive, with regular promotions on both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  
  • We will always offer the best value non-alcoholic drinks served in campus bars.  
  • We will regularly let you have a say in the products we sell and items we have on our food menu through feedback and polls.
  • We will provide you with the best range of events and entertainment at the College that cater for our diverse membership.
  • We are passionate about supporting our student Clubs, Societies & Projects in holding social events and entertainment in our venues prioritising them wherever possible. 

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Not For Profit
You buy something from us.
We pay the supplier, staff and our overheads.
All the rest, every penny, is reinvested in the services we run for our members!
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