Rep of the Month

Our reps do amazing work on a daily basis, and we want to recognise and reward that. Every month for the rest of the academic year, we'll be running our 'Rep of the Month' scheme. How it works: each month, our networks of ~500 reps are given the opportunity to nominate fellow reps and then vote for a winner in three categories. These are UG Academic Rep, UG Wellbeing Rep, and PG Rep.

Each Rep of the Month is awarded the following:

  • Rep of the Month pin badge (if we ever manage to find them in the office...)
  • £20 voucher for a retailer of their choice
  • Rep of the Month certificate
  • Nomination for Academic/Wellbeing Rep of the Year at Union Awards

The latest Reps of the Month are for February. Here are the winners and a summary of why they were nominated!

May 2021

Yuliia Tereshchuk - MSc Maths and Finance Rep - PG Rep of the Month

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic which have strained the student/staff community, Yuliia has remained persistent and successful in keeping up lines of communication to build a positive staff/student body relationship. As well as this, she's put into place mechanisms to encourage interactions between students such as information sessions on CV and cover letter writing. Congratulations, Yuliia!

Maddie Jenkins - Year 4 Physics Rep - Academic Rep of the Month

Maddie has been a strong advocate for the students in her year this year, not afraid to raise the student voice even in uncomfortable situations. She's held the department to account and challenges problematic behaviour when she sees it. A nomination quote: 'her year group would be much worse off without her' demonstrates the impact she's had on her cohort. Congrats, Maddie!

Francesca Wittman - Chemistry Dep Rep - Wellbeing Rep of the Month

Francesca  has been working closely wither her academic dep rep counterpart to improve many aspects of the student experience in the Chemistry department. She has also taken her efforts to the wider faculty by putting in place a 'Coffee Break' sessions to allow students to meet new people across the faculty. The nominations appreciated how passionate and positive she has been this year - congratulations, Francesca!

April 2021

Mabel Prendergast - ICSMSU Welfare Vice-Chair (Wellbeing Reps) - Wellbeing Rep of the Month

Mabel's efforts to support the wellbeing of MBBS students have been really well appreciated. She's tackled issues such as burnout and stress, and introduced methods of more actively communicating outcomes of student-staff meetings. She's also been taking steps to promote positive wellbeing messages and advocating for improved support in the School. Congratulations, Mabel!

Georgios Pampalis - MSc Maths and Finance Rep - PG Rep of the Month

Students in Georgios' cohort were really appreciative of the time commitment he's put into the role - one person estimating he's dedicated 15+ hours a week as being a rep. He's put in place a large number of small measures that have made a large impact on his cohort such as providing guidance on Teams use in tutorials and making sure students were able to find important announcments. Thanks, Georgios!

Changxiao (Jerry) Fu - Civeng Year 2 Rep - Academic Rep of the Month

Students nominating Jerry were very appreciative of how he continued to remain very active during the pandemic and during term-breaks. He has been very communicative with the cohort and worked collaboratively with his fellow reps. The nominations cited his commitment and drive - congrats, Jerry!

March 2021

Yuki Agarwala - Biomedical Science Year 1 Rep - Academic Rep of the Month

Yuki has been a really responsive and proactive rep this year whose efforts have been greatly appreciated by her peers. She has taken steps to improve the communication between the student and staff in the department allowing for issues to be resolved quicker and more easily. Her successes have included negotiating deadline extensions and access to specimen papers. Congrats, Yuki!

Nick Bitterlich - Biochemistry Dep Rep - Wellbeing Rep of the Month

Nominations praised Nick's effectiveness in his role and his ability to follow through and implement plans. A big achievement has been the establishment of a wellbeing website to gather resources and raise awareness of wellbeing issues. Very well deserved award, Nick!

PG Rep of the Month

There were no nominations for PG Rep of the Month for March 2021.

February 2021

Yasmin Baker - MBBS Year 1 Rep - Academic Rep of the Month

Yasmin received a large number of nominations from students who clearly are very appreciative of her efforts, the positive impact on their experience and how approachable she is. Yasmin has been proactively raising the student voice, and successful in solving issues around timetabling, live sessions and the delivery of content. She keeps her cohort in the loop, and ensures there is good two-way communication with the department. Simply put, one nomination said 'She is an amazing rep, she takes all of our feedback and produces immediate results'. Congratulations, Yasmin!

Dawood Khan - Bioengineering Year 1 Rep - Wellbeing Rep of the Month

This quote from the nomination sums it up perfectly: 'Dawood has always been so caring and helpful to the students, he always makes sure we know that we can reach out to him'. Congratulations, Dawood!

Irene Sugurova - MSc Health Data Analytics and Machine Learning Rep - PG Rep of the Month

Irene was lauded for her commitment to student representation for her course, engaging the community and being a champion for students who are struggling. She's already implemented many different things to mitigate against the effects of remote learning such as weekly student/TA hangouts, 'Study Halls' over Zoom, and progress around improving the way the department receives feedback from the students. Irene has clearly had a massive positive impact on the experience of students on her course. Congratulations, Irene!