How to sort through your debts

If you have debt problems, it's important not to panic or ignore them. They won’t go away.

Understand How Much Debt You Owe:

  • Holding Letter - we can help with writing a hold letter to your creditor, which essentially means that you'll be asking for time to pay your debt
  • Urgency - work out which are the most urgent debts that need paying off as soon as possible
  • Current Balance - work out how much money you have to start paying your debts
  • Options - look at your options and work out how to pay for less urgent debts
  • Seek Help - contact your creditors and make arrangements to pay back what you owe

Sorting Which Are Priority and Non-Priority Debts

  • Non-Priority Debts - these are less urgent and include things like bank loans, credit cards, student loans, water charges and benefits overpayments. Most creditors will be happy to renegotiate a repayment plan in line with your income.
  • Budget Sheet - give creditors a copy of your drafted financial budget sheet as proof of your income and outgoings, attach a letter outlining your circumstances.

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