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Disciplinary Procedures

Student Disciplinary Procedure

The college will investigate any allegation of misconduct and decide what disciplinary action to take.

Normally, minor cases will be dealt with using the summary procedures and the major cases will be dealt with by a college disciplinary panel.

Students will be provided with a written statement of the allegations being made against them, with the opportunity to respond to the allegation and state his/her case, prior to any decision being reached. If the breach of discipline is admitted by the student, or found to be proved, one or more penalties may be imposed. Please read the summary of actions in the guidelines attaced: Penalties

A student penalised under the student disciplinary procedure may lodge an appeal. The grounds for an appeal are stated here. Appeals

An appeal must be sent to the academic registrar in writing within 10 working days of the date the outcome decision letter.

If the appeal is accepted, the disciplinary appeals panel will either:

· Confirm

· Set aside

· Reduce or increase the penalty.

If new evidence is presented to support the case, then the case can be referred back for consideration by a newly constituted panel. The panel hearing the appeal shall be final.

If you are facing disciplinary procedures, get in touch with the advice centre.

Please look on the website here: For more information on an appeal.