Send your questions to ask Sam Gyimah, Universities minister!

Deputy President (Welfare)
Wednesday 16 May 2018

We’re meeting Sam Gyimah tommorow (17/05/18) – What should we ask him?

Dear students,

Sam Gyimah has invited us to attend a Q&A forum on Thursday evening at King’s College London. I will be attending with Matthew Blackett, Deputy President (Finance & Services). We hope to press the minister with some tough questioning, and be part of shaping his agenda, and the national student experience.

While much of his and the new Office for Students’s focus on students conditions and value for money has been positive, we are concerned that he and the government are at risk of neglecting the needs and concerns of Imperial and other peer institutions.

We are undertaking this work in line with Our Strategy 2017-20 - specifically, the For Your Voice objective. We're recognising that as students, we all have a responsibility to be responsible, global citizens, and to change the world around us. A students' union shouldn't just represent its students to the univerisity, but to the wider world.

You can see the Office for Students’s (OfS) five point plan on their website.

I have in mind to ask about:

  • The importance of research excellence for students
  • Limting the impact of Brexit on students’ opportunites
  • The concept of students as partners, or as consumers

I would welcome your input, and am keen to represent you accurately – I would be delighted if you have any questions or comments. I hope to update you on how it goes. Please get in touch with any questions or comments at  or