Deputy President (Education)
Wednesday 26 April 2017
It’s taken me close to 5 years of being a student at a reputable research-intensive institution to truly grasp the potential impact of research on the world around us. In that time, I’ve concluded...
Deputy President (Education)
Tuesday 24 January 2017
The Union are proud to announce that the zero-tolerance policy for late coursework submission will be replaced with an alternative policy in October 2017. This is a momentous win for the Union and...
Deputy President (Education)
Thursday 24 November 2016
Hello everyone, I sincerely hope that all is going well with your study and with life beyond the books. It’s a great feeling to be writing my first blog as Deputy President (Education). In all...
Deputy President (Education)
Thursday 28 April 2016
One of my key objectives this year was to make being a PhD Rep better, easier, and more worthwhile for you, and anyone wishing to be a Rep in the future. That’s why, over the past 9 months, my team...
Deputy President (Education)
Wednesday 13 April 2016
For many of you, this time of year is probably when the pressure is really starting to rack up. In between meeting project or performance review deadlines, or revising for exams, learning about...
Deputy President (Education)
Thursday 10 December 2015
Today, we are publishing our response to a major survey looking at the educational experience of Imperial students - the National Students Survey (NSS), which measures annually the satisfaction of...
Deputy President (Education)
Thursday 19 November 2015
This year, we introduced a new representation structure for Imperial Horizons students following an internal review and student comments about lack of proper academic representation. This include 2...


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