Gender Neutral Toilets - A Success Story

Thursday 24 May 2018

Cast your mind back to Autumn term - a fresh academic year, excitment in the air and new opportunities on the horizon... In the midst of all this first term enchantment your elected LGBT+ Officer, Alessio Incitti, was busy drawing up plans to lobby the College to ensure there are adequate gender neutral toilet facilities in every building on campus.

To get started, Alessio worked with IQ Society to complete an audit of existing facilities. Armed with the evidence they needed they came to seek advice from Deputy President (Welfare), Fintan O'Connor. Fintan was able to support Alessio in identifying the key stakeholders at the College who they needed to influence and helped arrange the meetings to discuss the issue. As well as consulting the Deputy President (Welfare), Alessio also spoke to a whole host of student representatives from different areas of representation and presented his plan to the Community & Welfare Board.

After consulting with student representatives and identifying key stakeholders Alessio was ready to go and lobby the College to create change! As a results, the Estates and Facilities team at the College have agreed to change the signage on disabled and single-cubicle toilets to include Gender Neutral signage.


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