Liberation & Community Zones

Imperial College Union has nine Liberation & Community Officers who each represent students within their Liberation & Community Zones. Liberation & Community Officers are volunteers elected by the student body in our Leadership Elections. You can contact your Liberation & Community Officers below and find out more about what they do!

The term liberation is defined as the seeking of equal status and freedom from al lforms of oppression. Historic liberation movements such as civil rights, gay liberation fronts, women's liberation and disability rights campaigns help make our society more inclusive and diverse. Liberation groups today continue to challenge public misunderstanding and social injustices in today's society.

Which eight students will you elect Liberation & Community Officers? Read their manifestos and cast your vote.


Our Nine Zones

BME - The Black, Minorities & Ethnic (BME) Officer facilitates the engagement of all BME students in Union activity and represents the views of students on BME issues

Campaings - The Campaigns Officer works to organise and support campaigns throughout the Academic year on issues that affect the Imperial community

Disabilities - The Disabilities Officer represents the needs of all students with disabilities at Imperial. whether diagnosed or not, and works to improve the experience for these students during their time at Imperial

Ethics & Environmetal - The Ethics & Environmental Officer promotes green and ethical initatives to students at Imperial and proposes ideas for policy to make Imperial as sustainable as possible

Gender Equality - The Gender Equality Officer represents students with any gender-related equality issues at Imperial and works to improve the experience for these students at Imperial

Interfaith - The Interfaith Officer represents the faith needs of students at Imperial, promoting a culture of tolerance and understanding at Imperial

International - The International Officer represents the needs of international students at Imperial and promotes equality amon diverse groups of students

LGBT+ - The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT+) Officer represents any students at Imperial who self-identify as LGBT+ and works to stop any discrimination against the LGBT+ community at Imperial

Mental Health - The Mental Health Officer represents students with mental health issues and works to improve the experience and wellbeing provisions in place for student mental health at Imperial


Our Liberation & Community Officers