Deputy President (Finance & Services)

W3 - From a Sub-Wardening Perspective

Monday 25 February 2013 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

When writing my blog about the North Acton proposal, it dawned on me that there were a few areas that greatly concerned me and so I decided to split it up into two posts.

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Help Plan Your Summer Ball!

Tuesday 29 January 2013 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

It may seem a bit early, but the planning for this year's Summer Ball has already started.

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Christmas Dinners!

Friday 30 November 2012 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

It's that time of year! Imperial College Union will be serving it's annual Christmas Dinner! For £4.50 you get roast turkey and all the trimmings (roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots and parsnips).

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Friday 23 November 2012 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

£2.50 for a jagerbomb

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Bar Pricing Changes

Tuesday 7 August 2012 Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Over the summer, the prices of some draught products in our bars have been increased.

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