Deputy President (Education)

SACAs 2014- Get your nominations in now!

Monday 20 January 2014 Deputy President (Education)

The Student Academic Choice Awards (SACAs) are back for their second year- and we need your nominations!

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NSS 2014

Monday 20 January 2014 Deputy President (Education)

The National Student Survey 2014 is now open!

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Rep Week De-Brief

Monday 16 December 2013 Deputy President (Education)

The first Rep Week of this year was a big success, as lots more students now know who their reps are and what their reps are for.

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Panopto Updates- from Student ICT forum

Monday 9 December 2013 Deputy President (Education)

The Student ICT forum was held on Thursday 28 November, and was attended by 8 key members of ICT staff as well as 8 student representatives. 

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Student Academic Choice Awards- Nominations now open!

Tuesday 26 November 2013 Deputy President (Education)

This year the Student Academic Choice Awards (SACAs) are back and BIGGER than ever. 

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Rep Week next week (25-29 November)

Thursday 21 November 2013 Deputy President (Education)

Rep Week is starting on Monday and provides a platform to celebrate the great changes that have taken place with the help of your Academic Representation Network.

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NSS Response

Tuesday 22 October 2013 Deputy President (Education)

ICU produced their first National Student Survey (NSS) Response document in 2011, and it was designed to help the Union and College decide how they should respond to issues raised in the NSS. 

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Tuesday 15 October 2013 Deputy President (Education)

The sumo suits are here. Twister is being unpacked. Departments are dusting off those costumes, it must be Soc Off time!!

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Nobody told me this job involved manual labour...

Saturday 5 October 2013 Deputy President (Education)

Welcome Week is coming to a close, and even though it has been amazing fun I am VERY grateful to be able to finally get some sleep tomorrow.

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eLearning updates

Wednesday 18 September 2013 Deputy President (Education)

An overview of all the happenings in the world of eLearning.

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