Which would you like to see as our house lager?

Tuesday 12 December 2017

This survey has now closed. Thanks to everyone for their submissions 

The Union is always looking to provide a better service and experience to you, our members. At the beginning of this academic year, we switched our house lager to Bud Light in line with manifesto pledges and in order to maintain a price freeze.

In 2018, the Union will undergo a tender process which will determine our product range for the following academic year. We want your opinion and we will use your feedback to shape our thinking through the upcoming tender process and to review our house lager for the Spring Term 2018.

The options are (all prices listed per pint):

  • I don't drink lager
  • Stella 4 (ABV 4%) at £2.80
  • Stella Artois (ABV 4.8%) at £3.80
  • Bud Light (ABV 3.5%) at £2.70
  • Becks Vier (ABV 4%) at £3.80
  • Staropramen (ABV 5%) at £4.50