Welcome to Imperial new students!

Wednesday 14 August 2019

It's that time of year again when we prepare to welcome new members to Imperial College Union. What an exciting time! Almost 6, 000+ new Imperial College London students - from 140 countries around the world - some entering university for the first time as Undergraduates, while others are a bit more seasoned, but no less excited about these next illustrious steps. The hard work has paid off and as a Union, hearty congratulations on reaching this stage of your academic journey! 

The next year or years will be seminal, and we are here for every single student. Our job as a Union is to ensure that each student has the best possible Imperial experience. We are your voice, your support, your development beyond a degree, your social life and your extra curricular activities. Ours is an inclusive environment where every student counts - so whether you're from China or Cumbria, Postgrad or Undergrad, Business or Engineering, mature or fresh out of secondary school, we have something to offer

We have prepared a special Imperial Welcome Hub where new students can find all the information they need. On the Hub, students may learn more about the activities they can get involved in outside their studies, get tickets to fun Welcome events, shop for an Imperial Welcome Bundle or just learn about their Union.

Congratulations once again - we can't wait to meet you!