Take part in the Consent and Sexual Violence Survey

Tuesday 28 November 2017

The issue

Widespread sexual abuse on university campuses across the UK paints a grim picture of the attitudes that people at these institutions have towards it.

Hidden Marks’, a report by the National Union of Students, revealed that almost 70% of women students had faced some form of sexual harassment in and around their institution, and 1 in 7 of them had experienced serious sexual or physical assault.

The survey

Led by a student and supported by the Union, we are conducting a survey to collate understanding of sexual harassement and direct campaigning efforts to make meaningful change. 

This survey is a key step in determining the prevalence of sexual harassment at Imperial College and identifying the challenges associated with reporting it, to make the campus environment a safe space for members of the Imperial community.

The survey will remain open for one week – until Wednesday 6 December – so we encourage all students to please take a few minutes to fill it out!

Click here to access the survey.

All responses are anonymous and confidential.