Sports Team Tasters, Welcomes, Socials and Trial Sessions

Monday 2 October 2017

Sports team tasters, welcomes, socials and trial sessions are taking place this Wednesday, 4 October 2017.
Please find information below about coach departures.


Time Coaches Departs From Destination Sports
11:30 4 x 70 seat coaches Beit Quad Harlington Baseball, Rugby, Women's Rugby, Hockey, Women's Football
11:30 2 x 70 seat coaches Beit Quad Heston Medics Football, Medics Netball, Medics Rugby
13:15 2 x 70 seat coaches Beit Quad Harlington Football

All coaches will then depart from both Harlington and Heston at 17:00

The coaches from Heston will be doing a drop off in Hammersmith on the return route

All sports clubs involved will have been sent an email with full details, however, if you have any further questions please email Yasmin Vines on