Friday 16 March 2018

Imperial College School of Medicine Students' Union (ICSMSU) presents their latest social media campaign, #OnlineHonestly

Social media can make our self-esteem suffer. A competition for 'likes' and a wish to present our lives as perfect have led to an often dishonest and inaccurate representation of ourselves online. This social media campaign aims to encourage people to engage in a period of activity where they are online, but #OnlineHonestly.


How can you get involved?

We encourage you to: post unfiltered or unedited posts with honest captions, re-post old heavily filtered or edited pictures with new context about what was really going on, or just share something ordinary that happened to you that you wouldn't ordinarily think to share. 

Everyone who posts and uses #OnlineHonestly or ICSM Welfare in their post between Monday 19 - Friday 30 March will be enttered into a random prize draw to win Amazon vouchers! 

For more details, visit ICSMSU's Facebook page.

Get #OnlineHonestly